David – a man after God’s heart|Free Essay

David – a man after God’s heart.

The Bible is filled with strong personalities, but none leads David in the parade. His life was whirlwind from which striking images flash. We see him playing his harp, writing poems, fighting battles, faking insanity and praising God. We watch him cry when he learns of his closest friend death. We see Nathan point his finger at him, accusing him of adultery and murder. We hear David’s guilty, anguished voice crying to God for the life of his infant child. He has survived a huge crisis in his life, but somehow he always came back. He maintained his passionate trust in God. First and Second Samuels do not paint him as a flawless character, nor as a perfect model of strength and courage. David has striking weaknesses. However, he still appeals to us, whatever he did, he put his whole heart into it. In his love for God, he held nothing back. Read full essay “David – a man after God’s heart|Free Essay”

British Film Industry | Free essay example

British film industry has never been booming, but during 1970’s it found itself in the most permanent crisis. The Oscar triumph in 1981 gave a hope and started a so-called British cinema renaissance, but it was still very questionable in British Cinema could live up to the expectations.

I would like to discuss crisis and the attempts of getting of productions slumps in different levels: production level, the number of movies produced, style level, how many of the international awards have been won, cinema attendance. Also the important factor to consider is the fact that British films are often financed by international investors and film-maker have to appeal to the audiences worldwide, so how many movies can we can consider to be truly British? Read full essay “British Film Industry | Free essay example”