The House on Mango Street-Term paper

Term paper: Understanding Women`s Stories

Per Instructor must read paperback book “The House on Mango Street”, Cisneros, Sandra (1991); New York: Vintage Book.

Must Follow these instructions per instructor: This paper requires that you prepare an analysis of a female character (or characters) from the novel. The character analysis should demanstrate an applied knwoledge of a range of psychosocial issues impacting women. THE PAPER should address all the following areas. Please to address and include topical headings for each section 1 thru 8: Read full essay “The House on Mango Street-Term paper”

Patriot Act in terms of Airport Security

In the recent years and even months, the war with terrorism and homeland security, especially airport security, have been on the top of the list of priorities of our government. Many security propositions and initiatives have been passed in Congress. This is done to make the community of our country safer and strengthen our military force. Since 9/11, all levels and branches of government have cooperated to strengthen aviation and border security, stockpile more medicines to defend against bio-terrorism, improve information sharing among our intelligence agencies and deploy more resources and personnel to protect our critical infrastructure.

However the changing nature of the threats for our country creates a need for a new and government structure that would be capable of protecting our country from attacks using any type of weapons. President Bush has proposed the most significant transformation of the U.S. government in over a half-century by consolidating the current confusing patchwork of government activities into a single department called the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security will have in one place all the resources needed to do what it takes to protect our country. The reorganization of America’s homeland security infrastructure is crucial to overcoming the enormous threat we face today. Currently, the Senate is working to follow the House’s lead and establish a Department of Homeland Security.

Read full essay “Patriot Act in terms of Airport Security”

US National Identity Card |Argumentative essay example

Ten days after the terrible day September 11, after attacks on Pentagon and the World Trade Center Larry Ellison, who at the time was chief executive officer at Oracle Corporation, started a political and technological debate. He stated that none of the airline traveling would never be safe again until all the citizens of the United States and also foreigners were required to show national ID card before entering a plane.

We need a national ID card with our photograph and thumbprint digitized and embedded in the ID card,” Ellison said in an interview with San Francisco’s KPIX-TV. Read full essay “US National Identity Card |Argumentative essay example”

Animal Test Pros and Cons

Animals are often used as objects for various experiments and test. Any new human disease medicines are first used on animals, the new types of make has to pass the test on the animals first and surgeons practice their skills on pigs and dogs. I don’t think animal test is fair to put through the risky experiments to ensure that the medicine or other products are safe for humans to endure. Who measures the importance of life? We kill animals to avoid risk ourselves; I think there are no legitimate reasons for that. Animals have to have rights just as we people do, because they feel pain and emotions and if they look different from us, that does not mean they do not suffer or are ready to die.

It is obvious that scientists have to test the new products, but they would definitely come up with more accurate results if they tested medicine and other products of humans, since they are intended for human use. For instance, when trying to look for a cure for a stroke, scientist mainly used rats for test purposes. Out of nearly a thousand tests only 30 have worked on rats and eventually only three worked on humans. In my opinion we could find the right cures much faster and easier if we test them on humans. By testing the cures on our own species we would have more information on our body reaction to different medicines, rather than make thousands of experiments on species that have bodies and DNA very different from ours. Read full essay “Animal Test Pros and Cons”

Jervey Tervalon’s Novel “Understand This”

After writing his first and probably the most famous novel “Understand This”, Jervey Tervalon once said at the interview: “I’m trying to create a body of work focused on black life in south Los Angeles and the United States.” The main focus of his books is on the black life in south Los Angeles area. He writes in a documentary style leaving behind the entertainment hype. Jervey uses his talent and understanding of unfortunate truth of life today to express it in all its unpleasantness and brutality.

Jervey Tervalon was born in New Orleans, LA on October 23, 1958. His family soon afterwards moved toLos Angeles, California. This way he spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. His father Hillary was a postman and his mother, Lolita used to work as a keypunch operator. Both of his parents supported Jervey in his striving for education and encouraged him to read and attend college when he reached the age. Read full essay “Jervey Tervalon’s Novel “Understand This””

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin |Book review essay

“Pride and Prejudice” book by Jane Austin — review

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”(pg.1). This first sentence of book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin, is probably one of the most famous phrases in all British comedies concerning social issues. The story line goes about the matters surrounding marriage in 19th century.

Elizabeth Bennet is the main character of the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. She is twenty-one years old, has a quick mind, sharp wit and keen sense of justice. Her father, Mr. Bennet, spends most of his time in his library hiding from the rest of his family. Read full essay ““Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin |Book review essay”

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” book by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe was a book targeting all kinds of discriminations. The influence that book had on its readers is immeasurable. In the heat of the racial tension in 19th century, Harriet Beecher Stowe depicted the hardships and sufferings that slaves had to endure. In her book, the author sent a message to female readers by showing strong-minded women.

The book is very feministic because of the opinionated female characters that voiced their beliefs and showed moral superiority over their male counterparts. Read full essay ““Uncle Tom’s Cabin” book by Harriet Beecher Stowe”

Nurse Practitioners in Middle America|Free essay

When the flu strikes somewhere in the little country somewhere in the Middle America, residents can either drive for about an hour to see the nearest physician or instead they can address the local registered nurse with the correspondent training who runs an independent clinic. A well-qualified nurse is able to diagnose and treat most common diseases and health problems. In the last years, the number of nurse practitioners that run their private health establishments have been increasing. The popularity of the last group is caused by the fact that they are available to provide health care in areas where doctors are unavailable. They also are taking less serious cases where physicians’ interference is not necessary. Read full essay “Nurse Practitioners in Middle America|Free essay”

The ethics in Photojournalism |Free essay

The ethics in photojournalism has been a subject for concern

The ethics in photojournalism has been a subject for concern for rather long time. Photojournalism is the profession, where photo editors and journalists make images carrying messages expressed through different media types, such as television and newspapers.

Often media critics and some audience representatives question some of the images, for example some of the celebrities photos, picture manipulations that show misleading views, visual messages that perpetuate negative stereotypes of individuals from various multicultural groups, and images that blur the distinction between advertising and photojournalism. Read full essay “The ethics in Photojournalism |Free essay”

Earl Lovelace and his plays: Jestina’s Calypso and The New Hardware Store

There are quite a few letters that document Earl Lovelace’s public service record and one of the most interesting is “Memorandum Presented to the Right Honorable Dr. Eric Williams, Prime Minister, on Behalf of the Rio Claro Youth Organizations.” This letter discusses Lovelace’s way of writing and also explains the reason why he became one of the strongest voices in Caribbean literature. Read full essay “Earl Lovelace and his plays: Jestina’s Calypso and The New Hardware Store”

“White Noise” book by Don DeLillo – post modernistic novel

“White Noise” book by Don DeLillo

“White Noise” book by Don DeLillo is his the best selling novel. The readers think of it as the most human and the warmest of his books. The ideas in the book seem to captivate DeLillo and are embodied in a real life examples in such a way that no other of his books has. White Noice has won the National Book Award in 1985 and it of course brought DeLillo more fans and a larger reading audience.

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel”; “Another postmodern sunset, rich in romantic imagery… We stood there watching a surge of florid light, like a heart pumping in a documentary on color TV.” Everybody will recognize these famous passages. They can be found in White Noise in the third section of the novel called “Dylarama” (227). A strange title for the novel, but not illegible, especially if one recalls “Waves and Radiation,” and “The Airborne Toxic Event,” as DeLillo entitles the previous parts. “Dylarama” combines “Dylar” and horama. “Dylar” is the type of medication that is supposed to counter the fear of death; it is a pill that is developed with volunteers help like Babetter, Jack Gladney’s wife. Read full essay ““White Noise” book by Don DeLillo – post modernistic novel”