Reasons For Divorce |Reflective essay example

Many people get divorced for many reasons.  There are many causes and many effects to divorce.  There are proactive and reactive solutions to prevent divorce. People get divorced because they either get really annoyed at their wife or husband but some other reasons are that they were just in love that wasn’t going to last.  In the U.S. in going through divorce is a troubling process that is socially and economically troubling.  When people get married, there should be a law that no one can get divorced.

So what would be the common reason for non-Christian people to get divorced? People are likely to make an error from the very start, when choosing a future husband or wife. They attempt to live with this error for a while, as long as they can bare it, but soon enough the error is becoming far too obvious and people break up. Sometimes people have different views on something very important to both of them, it may have been so from the start or they might have got these views during the life course. However, this does not change the fact that this group of people get divorced too. Read full essay “Reasons For Divorce |Reflective essay example”

US National Identity Card |Argumentative essay example

Ten days after the terrible day September 11, after attacks on Pentagon and the World Trade Center Larry Ellison, who at the time was chief executive officer at Oracle Corporation, started a political and technological debate. He stated that none of the airline traveling would never be safe again until all the citizens of the United States and also foreigners were required to show national ID card before entering a plane.

We need a national ID card with our photograph and thumbprint digitized and embedded in the ID card,” Ellison said in an interview with San Francisco’s KPIX-TV. Read full essay “US National Identity Card |Argumentative essay example”

Music Piracy |Persuasive essay example

In the contemporary digital world around us, the idea of getting any type of music from Internet is getting an enormous popularity. This idea stimulates already scares and unlimited wants of the music lovers. Of course, the fact that everybody who owns computer could download any music he likes for free is very attractive. There are limits, however, as to how much pleasure we can have by using something that is morally judged. This question arises in any other piracy-related area.

MP3 piracy and moral issues bind us together and are changing lives, while the technology advancements make it easier for us to realize it. People who produce intellectual property and the ones that benefit from it are currently discussing the implications this can have on the online music in the future. There are several main sides to the problem. Read full essay “Music Piracy |Persuasive essay example”

Animal Test Pros and Cons

Animals are often used as objects for various experiments and test. Any new human disease medicines are first used on animals, the new types of make has to pass the test on the animals first and surgeons practice their skills on pigs and dogs. I don’t think animal test is fair to put through the risky experiments to ensure that the medicine or other products are safe for humans to endure. Who measures the importance of life? We kill animals to avoid risk ourselves; I think there are no legitimate reasons for that. Animals have to have rights just as we people do, because they feel pain and emotions and if they look different from us, that does not mean they do not suffer or are ready to die.

It is obvious that scientists have to test the new products, but they would definitely come up with more accurate results if they tested medicine and other products of humans, since they are intended for human use. For instance, when trying to look for a cure for a stroke, scientist mainly used rats for test purposes. Out of nearly a thousand tests only 30 have worked on rats and eventually only three worked on humans. In my opinion we could find the right cures much faster and easier if we test them on humans. By testing the cures on our own species we would have more information on our body reaction to different medicines, rather than make thousands of experiments on species that have bodies and DNA very different from ours. Read full essay “Animal Test Pros and Cons”

“Approaches To Media” by Newbold and “McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory” by McQuail

In this essay I would like to discuss media and communications issues, types of media research and base the discussion upon the two following sources: “Approaches To Media” by Newbold and “McQuail’s Mass Communications Theory” by McQuail. Before going into the depth of the discussion I would like to introduce these two authors and their works.

Chris Newbold is the professor of Mass Communication theory course; his major area of research interest is the exploration of film as the type of mass communication. According to him the interest presents not only the content of films but also their context. By the context he means the social, economic, historical and industrial environments of production and the various ways of perception, that could be both historical and contemporary because the film products remain with us for some time stored on video and DVD’s. The key areas of research interest for him are: early cinema to Eisenstein, Propaganda during the World War II, The 1960’s New Wave Movement, International films and others. Read full essay ““Approaches To Media” by Newbold and “McQuail’s Mass Communication Theory” by McQuail”

Creation of Place Value System of Enumeration

In our twenty first century mathematics found themselves at a crossroads. While new rules of number arrangements, logic and calculation are invented and studied; one significant front remains unchanged, new numbers. One of the most important inventions in mathematics was the creation of place value system of enumeration, in other words the base ten system of calculation that uses nine numerals and zero to represent the set of numbers from the lowest to the highest value. The Greeks did not develop this system, because the largest number value was the myriad for them neither did Chinese since those had the largest unit of enumeration equal ten thousand.  It wasn’t also developed by the Arabs, though the system is often called Arabic numerals in Europe, where base ten system of calculation was first introduced in 13th century. Read full essay “Creation of Place Value System of Enumeration”

Joyce Carol Oates “On Boxing”

Some of the most famous authors: Norman Mailer, Jack London, and Ernest Hemingway – have turned to the subject of boxing in their works. Now one of the greatest novelists of our time, Joyce Carol Oates, has replenished this list.

Joyce Carol Oates became interest in boxing in her early childhood, he interest she inherited from her father. Joyce described her thoughts and feelings about boxing in a great essay “On Boxing”. This essay addresses the subject of boxing as a metaphor, spectacle, and dance; the history, lore, and allure sport. It also asks and discusses the question whether boxing should be banned, whether it should be covered closely by mass media and women’s role in boxing. Read full essay “Joyce Carol Oates “On Boxing””

Joseph Conrad “Heart of Darkness”

Joseph Conrad wrote his novel “Heart of Darkness” in 1902. It is about lots of things: river boating, trade, exploration, seafaring, imperialism and colonialism, relations between races, an attempt to reveal the sense of life by exploring hidden mysteries of the world. We read this novel and we have more perspectives we can look at it, then its first readers, since are able to realize the race and self-government issues, which that audience was not – we live in the other world, with different maps and different political and cultural aspects.

Joseph Conrad “The Heart of Darkness” is a narrative, and is told by an unnamed and not defined speaker. He is one of a group of traveler, former sailors that now are around forty years old and are ready for adventures on the yacht starting from London, England. Read full essay “Joseph Conrad “Heart of Darkness””

Jonathan Schwartz’s The Sunday Show

Jonathan Schwartz’s The Sunday Show is probably one of the most popular radio shows in the United States. It is run on the XM Satellite Radio and is available for listeners all over the world. Schwartz was named artistic coordinator of XM’s American standards format.

Jonathan Schwartz brought his thirty years of experience to XM radio. He is often called “the Dean of American pop standards”. He started his career as one of the radio characters at WNEW-FM in 1967during the peak of the radio popularity – it used to be a leading “progressive” radio station. At WNEW-FM Jonathan Schwartz created his cult show called “The Sunday show”, which presented an electric mixture of American popular music standards, blues, rock and roll, classical and jazz. Later on, he took the show to XM radio, and it became just as popular as it was on WNEW. Read full essay “Jonathan Schwartz’s The Sunday Show”

Jervey Tervalon’s Novel “Understand This”

After writing his first and probably the most famous novel “Understand This”, Jervey Tervalon once said at the interview: “I’m trying to create a body of work focused on black life in south Los Angeles and the United States.” The main focus of his books is on the black life in south Los Angeles area. He writes in a documentary style leaving behind the entertainment hype. Jervey uses his talent and understanding of unfortunate truth of life today to express it in all its unpleasantness and brutality.

Jervey Tervalon was born in New Orleans, LA on October 23, 1958. His family soon afterwards moved toLos Angeles, California. This way he spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. His father Hillary was a postman and his mother, Lolita used to work as a keypunch operator. Both of his parents supported Jervey in his striving for education and encouraged him to read and attend college when he reached the age. Read full essay “Jervey Tervalon’s Novel “Understand This””

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin |Book review essay

“Pride and Prejudice” book by Jane Austin — review

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”(pg.1). This first sentence of book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin, is probably one of the most famous phrases in all British comedies concerning social issues. The story line goes about the matters surrounding marriage in 19th century.

Elizabeth Bennet is the main character of the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. She is twenty-one years old, has a quick mind, sharp wit and keen sense of justice. Her father, Mr. Bennet, spends most of his time in his library hiding from the rest of his family. Read full essay ““Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin |Book review essay”

Iraq war from Gandhi perspective | persuasive essay

Half of all wars in the world history were started by religious backgrounds, and peace was always their hope for an end. In this essay, I would like to discuss what Gandhi, as the major eastern religious philosopher, would have said about Iraq war and it’s just cause.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is a modern example of an exemplary Hindu. Gandhi beliefs are not very typical of all Hindus, but still he is referenced as the starter of a major movement in modern Hinduism. Of all the Hindu scriptures, Gandhi’s favorite was the Bhagavad Gita. It is a story, consisting of a conversation between Arjuna, a prince and member of the warrior caste, and Krishna, an incarnation of the supreme God. Read full essay “Iraq war from Gandhi perspective | persuasive essay”

British film industry history |Free essay

British film industry has never been booming, but during 1970’s it found itself in the most permanent crisis. The Oscar triumph in 1981 gave a hope and started a so-called British cinema renaissance, but it was still very questionable in British Cinema could live up to the expectations.

I would like to discuss crisis and the attempts of getting of productions slumps in different levels: production level, the number of movies produced, style level, how many of the international awards have been won, cinema attendance. Also the important factor to consider is the fact that British films are often financed by international investors and film-maker have to appeal to the audiences worldwide, so how many movies can we can consider to be truly British? Read full essay “British film industry history |Free essay”

What is human resource management? |Free essay

Human Resource Management definition

For many years among the issues critical for survival of any business were considered its financial health, company competitiveness and positioning, product and market development, minimizing costs and improving customer relations. Nowadays, more companies recognize that managing people within the organization is no less important than creating a competitive product or launching a successful promotional campaign. Therefore, Human Resource Management (HRM), which concerns the management of personnel, is more often recognized as a fundamental element in any organization. It has become a common notion that an organization’s greatest assets are its people; therefore only effective management of its personnel allows organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. Read full essay “What is human resource management? |Free essay”