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Reasons For Divorce |Reflective essay example

Many people get divorced for many reasons.  There are many causes and many effects to divorce.  There are proactive and reactive solutions to prevent divorce. People get divorced because they either get really annoyed at their wife or husband but some other reasons are that they were just in love that wasn’t going to last.  In the U.S. in going through divorce is a troubling process that is socially and economically troubling.  When people get married, there should be a law that no one can get divorced.

So what would be the common reason for non-Christian people to get divorced? People are likely to make an error from the very start, when choosing a future husband or wife. They attempt to live with this error for a while, as long as they can bare it, but soon enough the error is becoming far too obvious and people break up. Sometimes people have different views on something very important to both of them, it may have been so from the start or they might have got these views during the life course. However, this does not change the fact that this group of people get divorced too.

Sometimes the personalities of people are incompatible, which was disregarded by a couple from the beginning of the relationship and initiated the divorce later on. Money issues would be in the beginning of the divorce list causes as well. There can be loads of causes for divorce in modern society, but they all are united by one thing – breaking the family.

The divorce situation is a little different in Christian families. There are much less divorces recorded in those types of families, although there are few. People in those families are able to solve relationship problems, forcing the divorce, on a different level: spiritual. They usually have much more in common than non-christian couples and have something they both believe in and entrust there life to. Common beliefs and capability of forgiveness make their everyday life easier. Besides the love, that they have for God goes to their spouse too.

A common cause of Christian divorce would be the fact that Christian couples usually form the family too early in terms of their age. For example in US, the average age of marrying for non-christians is around 23 years old and for Christians it is 18 – 19 years old, which is quite early. At the age of eighteen, a person is quite unlikely to make a right decision as to choosing a right mate for himself. He or she does not have the necessary experience and cannot interpret somebody’s personality traits correctly. Moreover his or her personality is not formed yet either. Therefore, a life together can be a major challenge in the situation like that.

My attitude to divorce is extremely negative. I think that the marriage decision in the life of a person is probably the most important one and so has to be approached very seriously. A couple has to spend enough time together to be sure that the future family will work out till the very end of their lives and this will be their one and only choice. If the marriage is God inspired, hardly can error be made. I would totally go for the Christian way of taking marriage – marriage without divorce, since the divorce puts a question mark not only on two lives of the couple, it also makes their children life unbearable in some situations.

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