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Productivity and How a Good Pen for Taking Notes Can Make a Difference


A good pen makes a huge difference when it comes to taking notes. It is the primary instrument for recording your thoughts and observations, so you want to make sure that you are working with an instrument that’s comfortable in your hand, provides the right amount of resistance on the page, and flows smoothly across the page.

If you’re a student who likes to take notes by hand, you’re going to love the variety of pens for taking notes on We have ballpoint pens with fine-line points, gel pens with bold points, and even erasable markers. No matter what your preferred writing style is, we’ve got a pen that’s right for you.

Think about it. The best pens facilitate creativity, organization, and productivity. Smooth ink encourages neat writing and attention to detail, both of which mean good study material. You can pen notes in used textbooks, too. Nothing beats the relief you feel when you flip to a tricky chapter and find some former owner’s notes clarifying the hardest concepts. The physical act of taking notes by hand helps you more effectively absorb info and make connections, and you’ll take better notes if you have the best pens in hand. Better notes = better grades.

These pens work great for me. I use them to take notes in class and they don’t bleed through the paper. I love that they come in so many colors and add a little bit of extra fun while taking notes.

1. uni-ball Jetstream Stick Roller Ball Pen
The uni-ball Jetstream is a 0.7 mm roller tip pen that will produce a highly pigmented ribbon of ink that dries so fast even lefties can end the day with smear-free fingers. They’re ideal for long lectures because they require minimal pressure from your hand to dispense ink in a precise, steady stream.

2. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen
Though we admit to being a fan of a thicker, richer ink line, we also love the delicate point on these Pilot gel rollers. In our opinion, they’re the best pens for writing in a tight space, like when you need to label a detailed diagram or squeeze notes into tiny margins. The padded barrel is comfortable to hold and, like all good retractable pens, they make a satisfying click when opening and closing.

3. Zebra F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen
At just 0.7mm, this Zebra ballpoint is another excellent fine point option on our list of best pens for note-taking in your favorite notebook. The non-smudging, quick-drying ink is critical in situations when you’re cranking out notes from a fast-talking professor. Also, this pen is unique in that it has a smooth plastic (instead of rubber) grip, so it can slip in and out of pockets and pen sleeves without getting snagged.

4. Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pen
If you’re the type who utilizes colored ink to differentiate within your notes, these are the best pens for you. The vibrant colors dry quickly, and the tapered metal tip regulates ink flow regardless of whether you tend to press hard or apply pen to paper with a lighter touch. The saturated green and purple hues are will help some notes stand out without distracting too much from the whole.

5. BIC Round Stic Ball Pen
These made it to our list of best pens because they’re a staple in the office. We’ve been out of college for a while, it’s true, but we’re big on creative meetings that require lots of manual note-taking. In addition to writing smoothly and drying quickly, another perk to these pens is that they’re ridiculously cheap considering the quality – so no friendships will end over any pen thievery.

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