My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 154-Answers

Analyze the Text

A) The squire and the knight differ in their exp>
B) I think that the Squire wants to follow in his fathers footsteps. He just doesn’t have the experience that his Father has yet. Line 101 says, “And carved to serve his father at the table.” I think that line may be referring to his desire to please his father. Following his father’s lead would make him proud.

A) The tone of the descrip>B) The sp>C) I think that the tone is justified. The sarcastic tone softens the reality that he is a person that takes advantage of others for their own gain. He doesn’t say it outright. His sarcastic play on words makes the description entertaining.

A religious person has failed in their duty if they are performing their tasks for their own gain. They should model the morals that they teach and care for the people without looking for their own reward.

This is reflected in the description of the middle class characters. The people considered noble or in highly respected positions were exposed with undesirable traits such as greed and laziness.

A tavern is a place that people from all walks of life frequent. It is the perfect place for a gathering of people from lower, middle, and high classes of society. It is a setting that makes sense for all of these different people to come together in preparation for the pilgrimage. Having them all together give the opportunity for the reader to compare and contrast the members of all ranks in society.

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