My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 155-Answers


A) direct: line 141, “She certainly was very entertaining.”
indirect: line 148, “She used to weep>
B) He points out that she is trying to project an image of a noble woman, which is entertaining. She is also weak because the mouse can cause her to be upset.

A)The narrator describes a happy, friendly man.His position suggests that he is of the highest morals and he earns his money helping other and receiving donations. However the description also suggests that he lives better than he should and thinks of himself above certain people. B) Details that show how the narrator feels are, “He was an easy man in penance-giving where he could hope to make a decent living” and “One should give silver for a poor Friar’s care.” C) These comments demonstrate that the narrator believes that the Friar’s ultimate goal is to collect money instead of the people’s well being.

A) line 725 and 726: indirect, “And by his flatteries and p>B) The people in society that are looked up to for their morals are the very people exploiting other to make money.

The Monk: indirect characterization, “He let go by the things of yesterday and took the modern world’s more sp>
The five men and their wives, direct characterization: “They were so trim and fresh.” and “They had the capital and revenue.” The men and their wives were young and wealthy. They felt that they deserved to be recognized as better than the others.

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