My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 163-Answers

Analyze the Media

No answer, requires working with a partner

I think he would enjoy the remix. Any writer would love knowing that their work went on to be such an important literary piece.One that is still being discussed today.

Agbabi discusses the pilgrimage, but the motivation seems to be different. The cause for the travelers is more about having fun instead of looking for a spiritual meaning.

Media Vocabulary

Her delivery is very rhythmic and flows well. She uses gestures to draw focus to specific parts of the poem. The audience react with emotional awe towards the end of the poem.

A) I think she used gestures to maintain the rhythm of the poem. B) She opens up with both hands as she speaks about breathing, which gives a visual of the breath. She also raises her hand higher as she speaks the word elevate, again giving a physical visual of the words she speaks.

A) The audience starts cheering and yelling. B)The audience is responding to the delivery of the poem as well as the emotion behind it.

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