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In grammar school, Shakesp>
He went to London for the opportunity for fortune. This is where he pursued his interest in theater.

Judith was Shakesp>
However, she had to deal with adversities that women encountered during that time p>
She was talented in theater and writing but was mocked for trying to pursue her creative passions when she went to London. Despite trying to find a better life in London and pursue work as an actress, she was not given respect (only laughed at and taken pity of). As a result, she took her own life.

Judith and her father fought because she did not want to get married to the wool-stapler’s son. This upset her father since he felt that her refusal to marry would shame and hurt him. During that time period, women were expected to maintain the home and marry. This was shown through the father’s adamant stance by begging her to marry and reminded her of gifts he had given her. This was to show her that after everything he’s done for her, how could she hurt him?

As she heads for London, she wants to pursue theater like her brother. She specifically wanted to be an actress. For this she was mocked by the manager and other men.

After Judith arrives in London, she decides to p>
Regardless of her talent and interests in theater, she was not able to fulfill her dreams. She just ended up getting pregnant from the manager’s pity. In the end, she takes her own life after encountering these adversities.

This story describes the life of a fictional woman, Judith Shakesp>
Please read solution for further explanation and the summary of Judith Shakespeare’s life.

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