My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 194-Answers

Analyze the Text

No, Woolf does not agree with the bishop>
As you read through the essay, you come to understand this situation on a deep>
This bishop can try to justify his words that there were no women who can match Shakespeare, but Woolf showed that there can be women who can match or surpass him. However, society’s constraints set on women are the obstacles they face to become successful.

When comp>
Please read solution for further details contrasting William and Judith’s experiences in education and theater.

In the bishop>
Woolf, on the other hand, presented Shakespeare’s sister Judith–a woman who was intelligent, creative, and had the passion to work in theater as an actress. She wanted to counter the society presented by bishop. She showed that there are women out there who have the knowledge and skill to be successful in their paths. However, we can see that Woolf demonstrated the obstacles that women face through societal expectations. Woolf was an educated woman and wanted to show her audience what types of things women faced in British society. They were expected to marry and focus on domestic work rather than pursue their education and careers.


The gifted child was able to p>
Because of his taste for fine art, he would frequently visit museums throughout his travels.

Her fancy for biology and helping others lead her down the path to become a doctor.


Virginia Woolf’s use of taste means having the tendency to like or dislike something. For examp>
Other definitions for taste are (1) the sensation of flavor when an indiv>
Please read solution for other multiple meaning words.

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