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Analyze the Text

The author reflects up>
The author makes it clear that she has been encouraged to view England with awe and respect for her entire life from many different sources: her family, her school, her neighbors. The English way of living was something to aspire to, the ultimate way of life. But this way of life is unachievable in her part of the world for many reasons; the weather is different, the economy is not flourishing in the same way (largely as a result of the damage the English colonization has done, ironically). She is being made to chase a standard that is very different than her own resources allow and is being robbed of her ability to fully appreciate her own heritage and surroundings.

Why These Words

What these words have in common is their theme of social hierarchy/social group>Subjugation involves p>To be p>A fellowship>
Another word that might fit into this category would be “prejudice,” which Kincaid uses in her essay, because it implies that one has a negative attitude toward those of a different social standing in society.


1. The subjugation of Native Americans has had a lasting imp>2. Students of top>3. The fellowships that Dan forged during college gave him connections that later helped him find a job in his field.

Word Study

Since the root “-jug-” means “yoke” or “harness”, adding the prefix “sub”, which means “under” secures the meaning to be “to bring under the control of a harness”.

Breaking down each part of the word, we can determine that “subcostal” literally means “under the ribs”.

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