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Macbeth’s plan to murder both Banquo and Fleance are only successful in part. When he sends out the two guards, they succeed in only stabbing Banquo and not Fleance, who gets to escape. Fleance escapes into darkness as the two murderers return.

During the banquet scene, Macbeth acts strangely when he senses/sees the presence of Banquo’s ghost. Already, Macbeth feels guilty with thoughts of remembrance of Banquo through toasts and speeches, but when he sees Banquo’s ghost he is offput enough to stop the party.

During Act iii of Macbeth, Macbeth uses his newfound power to tie up loose ends in the witches’ prophecy by orchestrating the murder of Banquo and Fleance to prevent their rise to the throne. He succeeds only in murdering Banquo, as Fleance escapes. During a banquet, the ghost of Banquo sits at the table and is unseen by all but Macbeth. This unsettles him enough to stop the dinner party. In other scenes, the witches and royalty of England both separated conspire to hurt Macbeth.

Research to Clarify

One unfamiliar detail from the text might be the emergence of King Edward of England. Upon research, this King is known as “King Edward the Confessor” and he was king of England from 1042-1066.

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