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As the witches complete their predictions in Scene i of Act IV, they finish by “charming the air” and performing a circular dance right before Lennox enters, as they know that he is arriving. When they eventually vanish, Lennox is not able to see them while Macbeth insists that they were there. (pg 319)

During Scene ii of Act iv, Lady Macduff is angry at her husband for fleeing their estate and leaving her alone. Ross consoles her by suggesting that she doesn’t understand how dire the situation is, and that he is only gone for a good reason, as he knows the, “The fits o’ th’ seasons”, pg 321.

By the end of Act iv, Macduff and Malcolm conspire to kill Macbeth for being unfit and undeserving of the throne. Macduff tells Malcolm, “Fit to govern. No, not fit to live!”(325) after Macbeth killed Macduff’s family to protect his throne. Malcolm agrees that, although it is a horrible thing, he is sworn to do what is best for his country, even after being tempted by Macduff over his loyalty and Macolm’s own desire to possibly take the throne. The two agree that Macbeth must be removed from power.

In Act IV of Macbeth, the witches come to give another round of prophecies that lead Macbeth to vow fully to act upon instinct for the rest of the play. He will no longer deal with moral dilemma or ethics, but by his heart. In another castle, Lady Macduff expresses suspicions at her husband being gone for so long before murderers sent by Macbeth come to slay her son. When this news reaches Macduff, who is conspiring with Malcolm, they both vow to bring war to Macbeth.

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