My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 380-Answers

Why These Words

It will help>toil (noun): effort/work
assay (verb): to attemp>devise (verb): to p>
When looking at these definitions together, it seems that they share a common relation to effort/p>
Many of the poems relate to the idea of time being outside of our control. Because these words are tied to the idea of wanting to control something, they are in contrast with the poems’ themes.


Training to run a marathon, building a house, staying up all night to work on an essay

No; to assay simply means to attempt. Though you may do your best to complete the task, you may or may not actually be able to.

Yes; if you devise to do a task, your are planning to complete that task.

Word Study

mole: can either refer to a small mammal that lives underground, or to a scientific unit used for measuring molecules

culture: can refer to the customs/arts of a p>
medium: can refer either to something’s size, or to the liquid in which bacterial cells are cultured in labs

cell: can refer either to a small room for a prisoner, or to a small biological unit that makes up an organism

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