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Beowulf is strong and brave. Both of these are characteristics of a hero.Stanza 705 demonstrates Beowulf’s humane side by showing him weakened and feeling defeated. He is not presented as incredibly strong any more. The text states, “a king, before, but now a beaten warrior.”

Beowulf’s character is believable. He has qualities that we revere such as strength , bravery, and leadership. He also shows faults when he becomes overconfident , seeks fame for himself, and yearns for the treasures that can be acquired by killing the dragon. Beowulf’s faults make him seem more human. A character without fault is not believable.

Beowulf battles three monsters. Each one seems to rep>Their battle was a fight between good and evil. Beowulf fights with Grendel’s mother after she seeks revenge for her son’s defeat. Grendel’s mother is a character that represents revenge, something that can lead to evil acts. His battle with the dragon was different from both of the previous battles. Beowulf seemed more concerned with the wealth and treasure that he could get from defeating the dragon. This battle highlighted man’s greed.

The plot is set as three battles in which the hero is confronted with evil and finds a way to conquer it. Each battle with a monster creates the opportunity to highlight a moral battle.

Beowulf was set in Denmark. The first battle is in Heorot Hall. It is a festive and fun place that is quickly brought down by Grendel. The author created a great contrast between the lively existence the people had before and after the evil monster arrived.

Good defeats all forms of evil. It is shown in each of the three battles.

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