My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 46-Answers

Why These Words

All of these words have a negative connotation. The bring forth feelings of something dark and sinister.

Evil, miserable, bloodthirsty, fiends, savagely, tearing, sickening, murderous, slaughter


A monster, bear, or other scary creature.

I think of a large beast eating very sloppy, tearing into their food quickly, and eating large chunks at a time.

You might stalk someone if you want to find out more about them or their habits. This may be a situation where you didn’t want the other party to know you are interested in what they are doing.

I would not. The word gruesome makes me think of something bloody and violent. I do not like seeing things like that.

Grendel is loathsome. He kills people simply for his own pleasure with no regard to their value as people.

The word writhing makes me think of an animal caught or stuck and not able to get free. I would want to help that animal.

Word Study

Gruesome can be defined as causing one to shudder. Loathsome means causing one to hate.

No answer, college dictionary required for research.

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