My Perspectives: British and World Literature Grade 12, Volume One-page 59-Answers

Close Review

The illustrations bring some questions to mind. I don’t understand the presence of the man whose hands are bound. I wonder what his purpose is. Maybe he is an offering for the dragon?

Analyze the Media

There are some differences in the way I envisioned the story and the illustrations. It looks like the men are walking through snow. I did not see it that way. Beowulf is much bigger than the other men. I imagined him as a regular person. Finally, the dragon looks like a snake with a beak. I imagined a more typical fire breathing dragon with a thicker muscular build.

a. I think he builds suspense by showing the journey Beowulf takes to get to the entrance of the dragons lair. b. I think the absence of text on the pages where Beowulf meets the dragon make it more suspenseful. You have to use the visuals given. Beowulf’s face looks increasingly more worried.

I don’t think it is that surprising. The story itself was originally an oral story passed down that was eventually put into written word. It only makes sense that as our forms of communication evolve the story would be told in new ways.

The hero is larger and stronger than your typical person. This is depicted in illustrations. The hero is also brave and willing to face danger for the good of the people. Beowulf enters the dragon’s lair alone as his followers watch from above.

Media Vocabulary

The composition in panel one is effective. It shows Beowulf walking with his comrades. He is depicted as twice as large as the other men. They are all following him. It shows several men working together to carry the shield that Beowulf will later use alone. These elements portray a man of great strength.

The dragon appears in panel 18. The dragon is shown from the perspective of Beowulf. You can see the difference in their sizes. The dragon looks more like a large snake.

hinds uses close up perspectives when he is trying to show suspence, he uses mid distance to show when hes focussing on one thing or person, and long distance to show how big something is. B- i think he does combine these perspectives well because the way he does it creates more suspence in showing how big the dragon is and beowulf’s emotions in his face

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