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The Spanish Inquisition |Research Essay

The Spanish Inquisition started around middle fourteen hundreds. The purpose and reasons for it to appear was the countrywide persecution of Jews. There are several reasons as to why did the persecution take place. But the actual reason that motivated the Queen to start inquisition is not known.

Most of the historians believe that most important reasons were: Politics, Economics, and Religion. My own opinion as to which of these reasons are correct is that it was a combination of Religious and Economic reasons.

Without a doubt, the most significant reason for the start of the Spanish inquisition was religion. Christian and Jews hated each other prior the start of inquisition, so it was a good way for Christians to attack their enemies.

The Christians were angry because the Jews crucified Christ. The Jews were angry because the Christians took their religion, changed some ideas and principles, and called the outcome Christianity.  The Jews and Christians were never friendly after the Crucifixion of Jesus

Christ, and this was just the climax of their hate for each other.  However, the Christians were the ones that were in the position to get revenge, and they did, by persecuting the Jews to a murderous extent, and calling it the Inquisition.

The persecutors were called Inquisitors. Those were not afraid of killing and torturing, ruthless people without a pity. Most of them thought that Jews are sick on Black Plague; some of them believed that they are doing God’s work.

The government’s purpose was also to maintain the purity of Spanish blood. They wanted to keep pure Spanish race, and to do so they tried to prevent any possibility for intermarriage of Christians and Jews. Government considered Inquisition the only way to prevent such.

Aside from religious reasons, there were also some very strong political reasons for the Spanish Inquisition. The main political reason for the Spanish Inquisition was that there was a threat to the

The Christians of Spain, who at the time were the majority, were outraged at the Jews for many reasons, some which refer back to the religious reasons.  The Monarchs of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, began to realize that if the tension of the citizens increased a little more, riots and mass killing would break out, possibly leading to a religious civil war.  The method they used to control the citizens was the Spanish Inquisition. Using the Inquisition, they were able to soothe and calm the majority of the Spanish citizens. At the same time, they believed they were removing the source of the problem. The King, Queen, and the rest of the rest of the entire government was able to secure their positions in the Monarchy.

And the final reason for the Inquisition is money and economics. Spain was in a difficult economic position before the Inquisition. By repressing Jews, government hoped to fix the situation. They killed thousands of Jews and took their possessions, their money and everything they could find.

The Jews were successful, and everyone in Spain knew that they were. The Christians were constantly seeing the wealth of the Jews and became very jealous. The Jews were more important in Spanish Society than the Christians, and this made some Christians insanely jealous.

The Inquisition was once again used as a method of getting revenge.

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