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Analyzing the Text

The preamble uses formal, legal language to place the Constitution strictly in an official role. It does not call to emotion but rather reason. The purpose of the Constitution is to restrict the power of the government, “abuse of its powers”(13).

The Preamble restricts the power of the government to infringe upon the rights of the people. It clearly states that it wants to “extend the ground of public confidence” (15), and to prevent to “misconstruction or abuse of its powers” (13). Lastly it clearly labels itself as the “House of Representatives” which directly implies representative democracy.

The Bill of Rights gives more rights to the people, that had not been originally included in the Constitution. It relates directly to the Preamble in the Amendments I and II, which restricts the power of Congress and allows the people to bear arms, giving them the ability to remove the government should it abuse its authority.

Amendment V lists the rights of people undergoing a criminal trial: they keep their rights, cannot be forced to testify against themselves, and cannot be accused of the same offense, twice. This law gives citizens important protection from an abusive government if 1. the government wants to deprive an opponent of their rights, by placing them on trial 2. killing off adversaries by willful sentencing and 3. Using the same crime to convict many people.

Citizens make up the government so the government should not have excessive power.

The government does not have power in our homes nor can determine our fate without reasonable trial.

It is separated by Amendment, or right. It is effective because it is organized efficiently, so the reader can jump forward or ahead and each right is clear.

The rights guaranteed in the first Amendment, such as religious liberty, freedom of press and the right to peacefully assemble, may be stated as the right to liberty: it protects the right of people to live with liberty and freedom. It also allows them to restrict Congress’s power, though peaceful assembly and redressing grievances.

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