Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 128 -Answers

Analyzing the Text

The Declaration of Independence states that we are our own country, not the property of Britain. This is important because it identifies the United States as self-governing. The Preamble to the Constitution functions to state the purpose for all of these measures. The Bill of Rights makes it clear that the government in the U.S. cannot have the power that Britain previously had over the people in the colonies.

It is a government for the people, rather than the people slaving away for the government (Democracy rather than Monarchy).

Both are written in formal academic prose, which is to say that they are written professionally and without rhyme. The Declaration is more about the U.S.A.’s relationship with other countries while the Constitution is about the government and its people within the country.

It fulfills his vision because his vision is of an independent nation and an independent nation must have laws for its people. In addition, the Bill of Rights gives freedoms to citizens which they did not have under the King, which is Jefferson’s criticism in the Declaration.

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