Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 178 -Answers

Analyzing the Text

These lines “celebrate” (1) the speaker as an individual by emphasizing his impact on what will be said (line 2). However, the speaker also represents others with line 3, which creates similarities between the speaker and the audience “belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

The lines are long, like a long breath and so feel natural and organic. This ties into the meaning as the content discusses the physicality of being, “blood,” “form’d from this soil” (6). It is grounded in the now, which is reinforced by line 7. Line 7 takes the physical now of his being into the past, where his parents and grandparents existed, also on this soil. We visually see length and the content echoes this sense of past history

The last line “Nature without check with original energy” is the motto of his school of thought. The poet tell us what his poetry will be like, natural and energetic, tied to the here and now and free of formal constraint (without check).

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