Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 21 -Answers

Critical Vocabulary

It is difficult because there are multiple options to choose from.

I would be grateful because they would be giving me needed help.

I quit because I am giving the boss my resignation.

The would be different because I would have a number of asssorted type of shoes.

It is more like a plan to meet at a specific predetermined location.

They are more like a security guard because they are keeping watch.

I travel along the shore because I am going around in a circular path.

It determined where they would go because it described what land or property they owned.

Vocabulary Strategy: Archaic

It means previously. I can tell because it references a drink they had in the past prior to bein thirsty.

It means before the expected or usual time for something to occur.

It is used basically the way we use took in modern usage.

It means cause them to rouse themselves.

It means stuck together.

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