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Vocabulary Strategy: Etymology

1. apprehension: definition: fear or anxiety; origin word: (Latin) apprehendere: to seize upon; suffix: -ion (makes nouns out of verbs) 2. imperative: of great importance, essential; Origin: (Latin) imperare: to command; suffix: -ive (makes adjectives) 3. extremity: the outermost or farthest point of portion; Origin: (Latin) extremus: utmost

“She was filled with ap>“It was imp>“The cold began to hurt her extremities.”

It helps us understand the barest form of its meaning, and so we can branch off from there (to add meaning). Other words that end in -ion include, conclusion, situation, decapitation. Other words that end in -ive include, supportive, creative, conclusive.

Critical Vocabulary

These include determination and perseverance.

You may feel apprehensive before an important exam if tests make you anxious or if you haven’t studied!

This is imperative because, if you do not, you may be seriously injured or even die in a car accident.

If those parts of the country are far away from the capital or center of population, it will be difficult to get soldiers to those furthest reaches of the territory.

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