Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 548 -Answers

Analyzing the Text and Media

The photographs suggest that he is something of a slob, since he is dirty and unshaven. In reality, this is his appearance after having been in prison for months.

Photographs don’t easily allow the viewers to figure out what is happening in this scene. An audio recording makes a little more sense, but it may be tricky for some listeners to keep track of who is speaking when. Film allows the viewers to experience this scene almost as if it were happening in real life, right in front of them.

He appears horrified at the scene unfolding before his eyes, as well as protective of Abigail. In actuality, he has a troubled relationship with Abigail. While it may be true that he is horrified by what is happening, it is also true that he himself played a large role in it.

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