Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 567 -Answers

Critical Vocabulary

‘Principled’ is a good alternative to ‘scrupulous’ because they both invoke a sense of being firm in one’s viewpoint.

‘Budding’ is a good alternative to ‘nascent’ because of the imagery associated with growth (in this case a ‘growing rebellion’).

‘Argumentative’ might be a good alternative to ‘disputatious’ because of the way it suggests the normalization of ‘disputes’ (as in ‘disputatious’) without necessarily implying violence.

In this case, ‘claims’ might be a good alternative to ‘purports’ because both relate to the question of perception.

A classroom would be considered an enclave as defined on page 554, because a classroom is a small part of a whole school.

That student is a bully, not a friend, because of the implication that to arrogate something is “unjust” page 558.

He strongly opposes it, because to disclaim something is to separate oneself from it.

Vocabulary Strategy: Legal Terminology

Stare decisis is latin and indicates that previous decisions should be used to determine the outcome of a particular case.

Habeas corpus is latin. “Corpus” suggests body, and the phrase means that someone must enter the court in person.

Amicus curiae is latin and indicates a person who can be useful to the court because they are unbiased.

Voir dire is of French origin and means to tell the truth.

Ex parte is latin and suggests a side.

In camera is latin and suggests that a person or case is separated from the main court, perhaps visiting a judge privately.

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