Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 75 -Answers

Analyzing the Text and Media

Caliban is shown covered in dirt in the photographs from the film, which parallels the words “Thou earth.” Caliban is literally the earth since he is covered in dirt.

In this photograph Prospera is protecting Miranda from Caliban. They appear much closer than they do in the play, where it seems like Prospero and Miranda do not get along. That being said, Prospero does protect Miranda from Caliban, when he attempts to take her virtue.(Act I scene 2, 350).

Prospera’s cloak adds to her description as a magician and fallen royalty. The text says (I.ii, 166) that they had been given ‘rich garments’ which have been useful — we can infer that the clothes would be worn by now, and Prospera’s cloak definitely looks old. However it also looks magical due to the colors and texture.

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