Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 95 -Answers

Critical Vocabulary

Temperature, humidity, cloud cover, and the condition of the mechanical equipment.

She was a stronger player with a greater level of skill.

Different races and ethnic groups are increasingly intermarrying and their children wish to create identities that encompass both parents’ lineages.

Anticipating each possible objections and creating a solution themselves before it was identified by others.

Many districts in the state are heavily Republican and the tend to vote for candidates that share their values.

It was unable to keep up with the others and defend itself from more aggressive animals in the herd.

Vocabulary Strategy: The Latin Prefix circum-

The teacher should circumscribe the questions in the assignment so the students would know which ones to complete.

The public figure should behave in a circumspect manner, avoiding unnecessary risks.

The seamstress would need to measure the circumference of the client’s waist.

The driver could circumnavigate the road block and avoid running into it.

It wold be key to have a witness circumstantiate the actions of the accused.

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