Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 585 -Answers

Analyzing the Text

The speaker gives commands which explain whether the reader is the correct audience. It is a message from the text, or an interior method of technology.

These people are the pessimists of society. The optimists are labeled and given dialogue in line 25. The lack of action in their lives creates suspense for them.

This is regarding the concept of copyrights and patents. Once all the good ideas are claimed, human beings find themselves restless and feeling useless. It introduces the idea that there is a capacity to “genius” and intellectuality.

The speaker suggests that people born in the 20th century are the last generation of mortal human beings. He or she admits that they tried to restore that generation to youth but it failed.

Robin Chen attempted to become immortal. She was the last human being on Earth. The speaker’s tone is ironic because he is jealous of Chen’s ability to die and angry that she had such a positive view of the world he despises.

It is ironic because she idealizes their world and is jealous of their immortality and simulation, but after her death they are jealous that she can die and experienced a physical Earth.

Humans desire immortality so they join a virtual existence. It is a “time of drama” because of intellectual innovation, which has now plateaued and is nonexistent.

It is part of the simulation, which does not include animals or plants from Earth.

The theme of this story is that humans always want what they don’t have. Life is valuable because it is fleeting. Technology can take over humanity.

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