Collections: Grade 11-page Pg. 594 -Answers

Analyzing the Text

He says they are factors, which means they may or may not contribute to the destruction of each individual civilization. This creates a frame by separating different causes; all may contribute or only one.

Societies that did not fail adapted; they were willing to change. It is also necessary to note that successful civilizations had kings/ leaders that did not ignore the problems of the society despite their life of privilege.

This is effective because he shows qualities of failed societies then of successful ones, and shows how America is acting like people of failed societies so it is necessary for the country’s citizens to change their perspective and not isolate themselves by social class. His argument ends with a call to action.

His call to action in the last paragraph ends with a question, which is important because it makes the reader think about how the work applies to his or her life. He argues that we as a society have the ability to predict problems and prevent them because we know World History.

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